LNWR POS No. 20 after restoration in 2007. Photo © BPMA

LNWR POS No. 20 after restoration in 2007. Photo © BPMA

LNWR POS no. 20 was built in 1908 at Wolverton Works. For most of the coach’s life it operated on the ‘Day Up’ and ‘Night Down’ TPO service between Euston and Holyhead until at least 1940 (The train would travel ‘up’ to London from Holyhead during the daytime and return ‘down’ to Holyhead overnight).

The coach’s original number was 20, however over its life also carried the number 9520, 3227 and M30244M.

The coach lost its traductor arms and nets in 1945 and was used as a stowage or ‘tender’ vehicle until withdrawal. The coach was preserved in 1961 by the Railway Preservation Society and moved around a number of sites until being bout by the British Postal Museum and Archive in 1999. It was moved to LNWR Heritage Works (A modern day contractor) at Crewe. The painstaking restoration was completed in 2007.

The coach is currently on display at Bressingham Steam Gardens. Once The Night Mail buildings are more advanced we aim to display a vehicle of a similar vintage in our museum.

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