LMS TPO coach M30272M

Status: Ongoing restoration to running order

Location: Wansford: In main restoration shed

M30272M part way through overhaul

 M30272M part way through overhaul

M30272 in Service

Very little is known about M30272M in BR service apart from the following facts:

M30272, as it was originally numbered, entered service in 1949/50 for use on the West Coast Postals. The prefix of 'M' was used to state that the coach was of LMS design.

An 'M' suffix was added to M30272 when the new "BR standard" stock started to enter traffic from late 1950 onwards, we do not know the date when this actually took place.

The only known sighting of M30272M was on 8th August 1963 when the coach was involved in the Great Train Robbery, with M30272M being the tenth vehicle in the train.

The vehicles in the train that day were as follows:

D326 - Class 40 (English Electric Type 4)
M31016M - Full Brake (BG)
M30204M - Sorting (POS)
M30289M - Sorting (POS)
M30235M - Sorting (POS)
M30220M - Sorting (POS)
M30277M - Sorting (POS)
M30214M - Sorting (POS)
M30210M - Bag Tender (POT)
M30275M - Bag Tender (POT)
M30272M - Sorting (POS)
M30247M - Sorting (POS)
M30276M - Brake Bag Tender (BPOT)


At some stage M30272M was transferred to the Manchester - Glasgow S. C., it is from this service that it was withdrawn, being replaced by TPO M30298M from the Caledonian TPO, as detailed in the following document dated November 1972.

M30272M was in the BR Blue & Grey livery when withdrawn.


Early Preservation

Following withdrawal from service, M30272M was claimed by the National Railway Museum (NRM) for its collections in 1974. Initially the vehicle was stored at Brighton until moved to York in 1977 for storage. In 1984 M30272M was on the move to Tyseley. If anyone has details or pictures of M30272M's early years in preservation then the group would be interested in hearing from you.

During 1995 the NRM undertook a review of its collection and decided that M30272M no longer formed part of its plans. At this stage they informed the NVR, no doubt along with all other railways, museums and interested parties, that it was available subject to a full proposal being put before the NRM.

A case was presented to the NVR board in October 1995. A document was put before the NVR Board which outlined the potential project and its costings. The NVR Board approved for the case to go forward to the NRM provided that all fund raising was undertaken by the 'TPO Group' and that no burden was placed on the NVR.

A case was presented to the NRM by the end of October and a few months of waiting followed. The NVR had become aware that there were at least two other organisations that were interested in the vehicle.

On the 19th February 1996 the Nene Valley Railway received a letter from the NRM which stated that they would like to donate the vehicle to the NVR. We had been successful. - Now the work would really start.
Having been donated the coach the group had a 'minor' problem. It had no money!

Immediately a fund raising programme was started (a tombola). However, a member of the NVR, who asked to remain anonymous, donated some £500 towards the project. This along with other donations gave the project the start that it needed, the coach could now be moved to Wansford without need to ask the NVR for a loan, or any kind of monetary loan.

Since then a huge ammount of restoration work has been undertaken. M30272M was essentially rotten from top to bottom. Over the last two decades the vehicle has been stripped to just a chassis. Following this, the bodywork has been completely rebuilt. The body and roof have been reskinned. Whilst over the hardest parts of the restoration, there are still a number of years work ahead on the restoration of M30272M.


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