IRPS Enterprise

IRPS Enterprise is a commercial business trading within the sphere of heritage railways. Using our knowledge base and dedication to railway preservation we undertake a wide range of projects, including building construction, rolling stock restoration and the moving and preservation of historic railway structures.

The International Railway Preservation Society with its ambition to restore the two railway carriages in its care and the construction of the International Night Mail Museum to house the coaches, has to establish a revenue earning stream far in excess of that which can be achieved by donations alone. Trading as a business requires an element of risk, the society its self cannot be burdened by this risk and it is therefore it governance and finances are entirely separate from the society and from Nene Valley Railway.

IRPS Enterprise benefits the International Railway preservation Society in providing employment for society members in this time of global financial upheaval, particularly to younger members who are finding it extremely difficult to find engineering employment, and allows them to develop skills of mutual benefit to the business and the society. It allows us to devote more time to the society restoration projects, while devoting a percentage of profit directly to the projects.

Cafe Extension - Nene Valley Railway

Design Brief:

The construction of an extension to the Station building at Wansford to provide additional seating capacity for the cafe customers, in keeping with the LNWR style and incorporating original cast iron canopy stanchions recovered from Pinchbeck station. The brief included the concept design work, application for planning permission and construction 'Concept to Completion'


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    International Restoration Projects

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    Restoration projects that IRPS have undertaken on British railway items

  • Brickwork Items

    Items from the London Brickworks Company from the Peterborough Area.

    As well as international and British railway vehicles under the custodianship of IRPS we also have an expanding collection of artefacts from the Peterborough-based London Brickworks Company. If you have any further information, or if you worked in the local brick industries, we would love to hear both any information you have and any personal recollections you have. Please do not hesitate to get in contact by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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