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Concept art on The Night Mail Museum

Few poems have the same emotive connotations and visual metaphors as WH Auden’s Night Mail. The reader really senses the urgency of the train and mail men with their letters, cheques and the postal orders.

The Night Mail Museum will attempt to capture some of the mystique and bustle of a busy night time station.

Set in a darkened room, with each vehicle individually spot lit, the museum will be unlike any other in the UK.

This main building will house six vehicles including two vehicles over 100 years old and will tell the story of how the mail was moved both in the UK and across the globe thanks to our unique collection of British postal vehicles and artefacts and our Continental rolling stock, particularly the Wagons-Lits

A separate restoration building will be fitted with state of the art facilities where we will be capable of complete rebuilds of carriages.

The line up of the museum will be relatively flexible, with most vehicles restored to running standard. Also in the complex will be a running shed capable of housing another six coaches out of the elements. 

Despite being a registered museum, the NVR has no readily available access to our archives. Both IRPS and the TPO group have a large archive of important documents.

Vehicles that will be in the museum and running shed will include (but not be limited to):

  • LNWR TPO no. 9520
  • GNR TPO no. 2178
  • LMS TPO no. M30272M
  • Southern TPO no. 4920
  • LMS BG no. 30976 or no. 31359
  • Our collection of BR Mark 1 TPOs.
  • CIWL Restaurant Car no. 2975
  • CIWL Sleeping Car no. 3916
  • Swedish Y7 Railbus no. 1212

We are also working extensively with the British Postal Museum and Archive and exhibits will not be limited to rail vehicles. Other exhibits include a mobile post office road vehicle and a 2ft gauge rail vehicle from the London Post Office Railway.

For more information on the vehicles of Night Mail, click here.