March 2014

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Work has been progressing steadily since October on the site at Ferry Meadows.

One of the biggest pushes has been installing a workshop on site. This has involved purchasing another container and we have begun to install the machinery. Whilst the workshops we have at Wansford are primarily focussed on woodwork, the workshop at Ferry Meadows will be focussed towards metalwork. We have been fortunate to have been donated a number of high quality machines. Whilst many of these date from the 1950’s onwards, they are fundamentally of high quality. A number simply require rewiring and additional guards to comply with modern standards. Other items include a shot blasting tank that we have bought as a second hand reconditioned model.


workshop 01 workshop 02


We have also moved one of the smaller cabins from Wansford to Ferry Meadows. This will be used to store larger items. In due course all three cabins will be painted in the same colour to help them blend in. We have also paved in area between the cabins.


cabin 02


The biggest change however has been the recent delivery of a mock-up of a class 325 electric multiple unit. This was delivered on 6/3/14 and is now placed in the area between the cabins. Readers may recognise the cab as it has sat in the Great Hall at the NRM in York for many years. As their plans evolve it has been deemed surplus to requirements and has now been donated to ourselves.

These units were built in the mid-1990s and are still in use to this day. They are capable of running from either third rail or overhead power, and also are able to be loco hauled. Rather than the traditional travelling post office, that was able to sort post on the move, these are purely aimed at storage and transportation. The plan will be to construct a roof between the two cabins to house this. We are also planning on installing a colour light we have in store to show a modern railway scene.


cab 01 cab 04 cab 03 cab 02


Work is progressing on other fronts as well. Our youth group now are on site most Sundays. They have cleared out the brick hut that was on site and are in the process of converting this into a mess room. Step one was to get a fire going! As time and funds allow we will reroof the hut and improve the somewhat barren facilities.


hut 01 hut 02


Work is also progressing on the shed site and we have recently taken delivery of concrete sleepers for one road. We already have the rail in stock and are looking to combine the laying of this siding with the first stage of laying the foundations in the not too distant future. We have also taken delivery of Alco S1 Switcher 801, which will be restored on site. For more details please see here.


trackwork11 sleepers 01 alco 01


The photos below show the changes that have taken place over the last 10 months since May 2013. A startling change!


difference 01 difference 02