October 2012

We have been in meetings recently regarding both funding and construction of the running shed. Whilst talks are on-going on both fronts, it is hoped that significant progress can be made this winter and in 2013

Work has recently restarted on the site of Night Mail with a view to starting on the foundations of the running shed in the spring of 2013.

To facilitate this, a lot of site clearance and track work has taken place.

An excavator has been in for the last two weeks clearing and leveling much of the site.

We have taken the decision that the existing siding is in such poor condition that it will have to be removed and replaced. To facilitate this the siding off the double slip which will eventually form platform 2 is being laid (See the diagram). With the help of the rail training school who are based at the site three extra lengths of track were laid in the last week. With the trackwork that has already been laid here, it brings the length of the siding to over 300 feet. Once the whole siding is laid, the stock on the existing siding will be shunted onto the new one and the old siding removed. 

Following this, track will be laid up to the start of the running shed over the winter.

2013 should be a big year for Night Mail, The International Story of Mail by Rail!


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