Night Mail Membership lasts for one year and is charged at £20 a year for UK based members, £25 for Europe based members and £30 Rest of the World. Within that time you will receive four journals:

Two copies of ‘Les Grands Express Européens’, The International Railway Preservation Society’s journal focussing on Wagons-Lits and two copies of ‘The Wansford Mail’, The Friends of M30272M’s journal focusing on TPOs.

You will also be providing invaluable support and finances to The Night Mail Project.

Alternatively you can join The Friends of M30272M to provide funding directly to M30272M. With this membership you will be charged £10 and will recieve two copies of The Wansford Mail each year.

The membership system will be changing next year to a simplified version allowing individuals to choose which publications thery recieve.

To join or renew your membership to either group online please click here.

Alternatively follow this link to print out the form and post it with a cheque.


Please email the current membership secratary Adam Paice on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.